6 Ways To Wear Best Cologne & Perfume!

6 Ways To Wear Best Cologne & Perfume!


1. The 1-2-3: The 1-2-3 is worn you splash yourself three circumstances. One splash about a safe distance away to your left side shoulder, right shoulder, or more the head.

2. The Walkthrough: The walkthrough is the place you shower some cologne or scent into the air and stroll into it. This strategy applies the best perfume uniformly over the top portion of your body.

3. Shower in Spin: The Spray on Spin is the place you basically splash your scent noticeable all around and stroll into it and turn around applying it to the entire top portion of your body and back.


4. The Mexican Shower: The Mexican Shower is the point at which you don’t shower and simply splash mass measures of cologne everywhere on your body.

5. The 1-2-3 Spray Spin: This is a mix of two strategies. This is the place you splash 3 times at shoulders and head and turn around. Practically simply showering noticeable all around and turning around in it. This strategy can be compelling for solid best perfumes over the entire body.

6. Underhanded Mist: The Naughty Mist is the point at which you splash cologne or scent down your jeans into your private regions. This can be great when you will get cozy with somebody and need to smell new down there.

7. The Gentlemen: This is the means by which the vast majority apply their cologne and discounted perfumes. This is a shower around 1-2 inches away to your wrist (one or both) and neck.

8. Top notch Treat: The Tasty Treat is the point at which you splash cologne into your mouth. This is not prescribed but rather is compelling.

9. The Facial: This is useful for smokers who don’t need their face to smell after a cigarette. This is just when you shower your cologne or best perfume straightforwardly in your own face. It’s prescribed to splash the scent around 6 creeps from your face and cover your eyes.

best selling perfumes of all time – Paco Rabanne – Lady Million Commercial from Perfume hop on Vimeo.

10. Lateral: The Lateral is the point at which you make one swoop down the front of your body while splashing your scent in the meantime. After you do a similar thing upwards so you make a shower while going down your body on the left and a splash going up your body on the privilege.

These are a couple ways that you can apply your cologne or fragrance. Some of these are tried and genuine ways and some are not all that viable. Get out there and attempt some of these for yourself and see which one works the best!


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